*List subject to availability- If you don't see what you are looking for Barrel & Keg is happy to order in any requests

Gluten Free beer
Ground Breaker IPA #4 IPA
Ground Breaker IPA #5 IPA
Ground Breaker Pale Ale Pale ale
Ground Breaker Coffee Pale Pale Ale
Ground breaker Olalie Blackberry rose
Ground Breaker DarkAle
Ghostfish Brewing Blonde Ale
Ghostfish Brewing Grapefruit IPA
Ghostfish Brewing Dark Ale

Beers A-Z
10 Barrel Raspberry Crush Sour Ale
10 Barrel Cucumber Crush Sour Ale
2 Kilts Scottish Ale
2 Kilts IPA
2 Kilts Coaco  Porter
21st Amendment Sneak Attack saison
21st Amendment Hell or high water Watermelon Wheat
21st Amendment Back in black Black IPA
21st Amendment El Scully Mexican Lager
21st Amendment Down to Earth session IPA
Abita Purple Haze Raspberry lager
Abita Amber
Abita Strawberry Lager
Alameda Brewing P Town Pilsner
Alameda Brewing Black bear Stout
Alameda Brewing yellow wolf IMP IPA
Alameda Alternator IPA -Surf Ryder foundation benifit beer
Alaskan Hopothermia double IPA
Alaskan Smoked Porter Porter
Alesmith Pale Ale
Alesmith IPA
Alesmith Nut Brown
Alesmith Decadance
Alesmith Grand Cru
Alesmith Sublime lager
Almanac Devils Advocate sour
Almanac citra sour
Almanac Reserve Strawberry sour
Anchorage Whiteout Wit beer
Anchorage Beer Geek Breakfast stout
Anchorage Actic Soire Bret Ale
Anchorage Farmhouse Invasion Farmhouse Ale
Ancor Steam Amber
Ancor Porter
Ancor CA Lager lager
Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose Wheat Ale
Anderson Valley Briney Mellon Gose
Anderson Valley Wild Turkey bourbon Barrel  Stout
Anderson Valley Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout
Backwoods Brewing Blueberry Wheat
Backwoods Brewing Copperline Amber
Backwoods Brewing Logyard IPA
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA
Ballast Point Big eye IPA
Ballast Point Pale Ale
Ballast Point Calm before the storm Coffee cream ale
Ballast Point Victory at Sea IMP Porter
Ballast Point Sea Monster IMP Stout
Base Camp Brewing Meridian Wit wheat
Base Camp Brewing Smores stout
Base Camp Brewing Gnar Gnar IPA
Base Camp Brewing Pilgramage Saison
Base Camp Brewing celestial CDL
Base Camp Brewing Coopers spur IMP Red
Base Camp Brewing Hop in the Pool hopped Lager
Bear Republic Brewing Big Bear stout
Bear Republic Brewing Hop Rod Rye
Bells two hearted IPA
Bells Expedtion Stout
Bells Obern wheat ale
Big Sky Moosedrool brown ale
Bison Brewing Honey Basil Ale
Bison Brewing Hop Cuvee Ale
Bison Brewing Chocolate Stout
Block 15 Sticky Hands IPA
Block 15 Gloriana Pilsner
Boon Raspberry Framboise Lambic Ale
Boon Geuze Lambic Ale
Boon Kriek Lambic Ale
Boulvard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale
Boulvard Double Wide IPA
Boulvard Unfiltered Wit Wheat
Bouy Czech Style Pilsner
Bouy IPA
Breakside Brewing Salted Carmel stout
Breakside Brewing IPA
Breakside Wonderlust IPA
Breakside Brewing IGA
Breakside Brewing Trapicalia Ale
Breakside Brewing Post Time Kolsch
Breakside Brewing Fortunella Kumquat Wit
Breakside Brewing Passionfruit  sour
Breakside Brewing Lunchbreak Session IPA
Brew Dog Punk IPA
Brew Dog Dogma Flemish Ale
Bridgeport Kingpin Double red
Bridgeport Hop Czar IMP IPA
Bud Light
Burnside Permafrost Winter ale
Burnside Couch lager
Burnside IPA
Burnside Spring Rye
Burnside oatmeal pale ale
Burnside Sweet Heat Rye
Calapooia Paddel Me IPA
Calapooia Big Aft Pale Ale
Calapooia Devils Hole Stout
Calapooia Chilie
Calapooia Pacific Pilsner
Calapooia Kringle Krack Winter warmer
Calapooia Flood Stage Red
Caldera Lawnmower lager
Caldera Hoppertunity knocks IPA
Caldera Mogli IMP Stout
Cascade Lakes 20" Brown brown Ale
Cascade Lakes Paddelboard Porter
Cascade Lakes Hopsmack IPA
Cascade Lakes MosaicIPA
Cascade Barrel House Sour Beers
Chimay Cinq Cents Tripple Trappist Ale
Chimay Grand Reserve Dark Trappist Ale
Chimay Premire Trapist ale
Coalition Brewing Two Dogs IPA
Coalition Brewing King KittyRed
Coalition Brewing Space fruit IPA
Coalition Brewing Blueberry Wheat sour
Commons Urban Farmhouse Farmhouse Ale
Commons Flemish Kiss Saison
Commons Petit Classique pink pepper corn farmhouse
Coronado Brewing Orange Wit
Coronado Islander IPA
Coors Light
Crux Off Leash session ale
Crux Outcast IPA
Crux Impass Saison
Crux Half Hitch Imp IPA
Crux Freakcake Barrel Ages Ale
Culmination Brewing 4 &20Black IPA
Culmination Brewing Euphoric Bret IPA
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
Deschutes Doppel Dinkel Bock Weizenbock
Deschutes Armory XPA
Deschutes Pine drops IPA
Deschutes Cinder Cone red
Deschutes Black Bute28th Anniversary barrel aged ale
Deschutes 2015 ABYS Russian IMP Stout
Deschutes The Dissident Flounders style Sour brown Ale
Deschuttes Foray IPA
Dicks Danger Ale CDA
Dicks Cream Stout Stout
Dicks Midnight Ride Black IPA
Dogfish Head Indian Brown ale
Dogfish Head 90 min IMP IPA
Dogfish Head 60 min IPA
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale
Double Mountain Vaporizer Pale ale
Double Mountain Molten Lava IMP IPA
Double Mountain Kolsch
Double Mountain Cluster IPA
Double Mountain Fa la la la la la winter ale
Dowg Grog Beer for your dog (not for human consumption)
Ecliptic Brewing Oort IMP Stout
Ecliptic Brewing Spica Pilsner
Ecliptic Brewing Phobos Red
Ecliptic Brewing Orbiter IPA
Ecliptic Zenith Grapefruit Sour
Elysian Split Shot Milkstout
Elysian Dragons tooth Stout
Elysian Mens Room black IPA
Elysian Impartial IPA
Elysian Mens Room Red
Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA
Elysian Space Dust IPA
Elysian Dayglow IPA
Epic Brewing Wit Beer Wit beer
Epic Brewing Brainless Golden Ale
Epic Brewing Exponential Series Imp IPA
Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist IMP stout
Epic Brewing Escape to CO IPA
Epic Brewing Elder Bret Golden Ale
Epic Brewing Sour Apple Saison
Epic Brewing Brainless Rasp. Belgian Ale
Ex Novo Dynamic Duo 2x IPA
Ex Novo Damon Stoutamire Stout
Ex Novo Elliot IPA
Ex Novo Cactus Wines the Lottry
Ex Novo Pinata Mexican Lager
Fearless Peaches and Cream ale
Firemountian Pale Ale Pale Ale
Firemountian Bad Henery IPA
Firemountian Bogart IPA
Firemountian Steam Fired Stout
Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner
Firestone Walker Double Barrel brown ale
Firestone Walker Wooky Jack Black Rye IPA
Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA
Fish Tale Organic Amber Amber
Fish Tale Organic IPA IPA
Fish Tale Organic Over & Out Oatmeal Stout
Fish Tale Hod Bitter IPA
Fish Tale Vicious Amber
Flat Tail Brewing 6am stout
Flat Tail Brewing Tailgater Kolsch
Flat Tail Brewing Little Green Saison
Flat Tail Brewing El Guapo Chili beer
Flat Tail Brewing Damn Wild Marion berry Farmhouse Ale
Flat Tail Damn Wild Pink Lemonade Farmhouse Ale
Fort George Quick Wit Wheat Ale
Fort George Suicide Squeeze
Fort George Otex Double IPA
Fort George Oberdub IPA
Fort George Vortex IPA
Fort George 1811 Lager
Fort George The Optimist IPA
Fort George Couch Lager
Fort George Cavatica Stout- Bourbon Barrel Aged
Fort George 3 way IPA
Founders KBS
Full Sail Bourbon Barrel Aged
Full Sail Powder Stash Pale Ale
Full Sail Slipknot IPA
Full Sail Wheat Wine Barley wine
Full Sail Session IPA
Full Sail Session Wheat
Full Sail Session Black Lager
Gigantic Pipewrench Gin Barrel Aged
Gigantic Ginormous IMP IPA
Gigantic Slip into Darkness CDL
Gilgamesh Hoot Attack IPA
Gilgamesh Mamba spice beer
Gilgamesh Oedipus IPA
Gilgamesh Mega Monster IMP IPA
Gilgamesh Odoyle rules Red
Gilgamesh DJ Jazzy Heff
Gilgamesh Terry Porter Porter
Gilgamesh Ridgeway IPA
Golden Valley Brew Red Thistle ESB
Golden Valley Brew Atlas Elevator bock
Good Life Descender IPA
Good Life Mt. Rescue Pale Ale
Good Life Sweet as Pacific Pale Ale
Great Divide Hercules Double IPA
Great Divide Yeti IMP Stout
Great Divide Colette Farmhouse Ale
Great Divide Nomad Pilsner
Great Divide Hibernation Winter Ale
Great Divide Oak Aged Chocolate Stout
Green Flash Le Freak Belgian IMP IPA
Green Flash Palete Wrecker IPA
Green Flash Hop Head Red red
Green Flash Double Stout stout
Green Flash Soul Style IPA
Green Flash West Coast IPA Double IPA
Green Flash Silva Stout Barrel Aged
Green Flash Road Worrier Imp. Rye IPA
Green Flash Green Bullet Triple IPA
Green Flash Cosmic Restretto Baltic Porter
Hacker Pschorr Weis Wheat
Hair of the Dog Adam
Hair of the Dog Fred
Hair of the Dog Blue Dot
Heater Allen Pilsner
Heater Allen Coastal Amber
Heater Allen Lenzbock Hells bock
Heater Allen Schwarz Dark Lager
Heater Allen Winter Bock
Heater Allen Mediator Dopple Bock
Heathen Transgression IPA
Heathen Son of Malice IPA
Heathen Promiscuous Blonde Blonde
Heathen Transcend IPA
Heathen Carnage Double IPA
Heathen Kevlar Double IPA
Heretic Gramarye Pale Ale
Heretic Choc. Hazelnut Porter
Heretic Evil Cousin Double IPA
Hilliards Saison
Hop Valley Vanilla Porter
Hop Valley DD Blonde Ale
Hop Valley Cistrus Mistress IPA
Hop Valley Proxima IPA
Hop Valley Sir Orange a Lot Pale Ale
Hop Valley Festeroo Winter ale
Hop Valley Neon Prince IPA
Hop Valley Light Me Up Lager
Hopworks Pounder IPA
Hopworks DOA Amber Ale
Hopworks Survivor Stout
Hopworks Abominabal Winter Ale
Iron Horse Decision Maker Pale Ale
Iron HorseIrish Death Ale
Klamath Basin Brewing Notch Eight IPA
Klamath Basin Brewing Backroad Vanilla Porter
Klamath Basin Brewing Defiance Double IPA
Klamath Basin Brewing Rebellion Red
Klamath Basin Brewing Lazy River Wheat IPA (Limited release)
Knee Deep Hoptoloigist Double IPA
Knee Deep Tanilla Porter
La Chouffe Blonde Golden Ale
Lagdons Kili Wit wheat
Lagdons Seizon Breta Farmhouse Ale
Langunitas Cappuccino stout
Langunitas sucks brown ale
Langunitas Brown Sugar Ale
Langunitas Hop Stupid IMP IPA
Langunitas IPA
Langunitas Bitter Oats Blonde
Laughing Dog Dogzilla Black IPA
Laughing Dog Huckleberry cream ale
Laughing Dog Alpha Dog Imp IPA
Laughing Dog IPA
Laurelwood Free Range Red
Laurelwood workhorse IPA
Laurelwood Coniferous Pale Ale
Laurelwood Megafanna IMP IPA
Laurelwood Mustards and BBQ Sauces
Leavenworth Whistling Pig Heff
Leavenworth Boulder Bend dunkleweizen
Lost Coast Tangerine wheat
Lost Coast Downtown Brown
Lost Coast Great White Wheat
Lost Coast Raspberry Framboise Brown
Mad River Jamaica Red
Mad River Steelhead Porter
Mad River Steelhead Double IPA
Magic Hat #9 Pale Ale
Mazama Wizzard Island Wit
Mazama Eruption IPA
Mendacino Eye of the Hawk Strong Ale
Mendacino Red Tail Amber ale
Modern Times
Natian Undun blonde
Natian Cuda CDA
New Belgium La Folie Sour  
New Belgium La Terrior Sour
New Old Lompoc c-note Imp IPA
New Old Lompoc Proletariat Red
Ninkasi Believer Red
Ninkasi Dawn of the Red IRA
Ninkasi Total Domination IPA
Ninkasi Maden the Shade IPA
Ninkasi Otis oatmeal stout
Ninkasi Sleigh'r Double Alt Ale
Ninkasi Noir MilkStout
Ninkasi Ground Control IMP Stout
NO -LI Defacto black IPA
No-LI Mosh Pit Sour Cherry
No-LI Poser Saison
No-LI Born & Raised IPA
No-LI Wrecking ball IMP Stout
NO-Li Jetstar IMP IPA
NO-LI Slacker Orange peel and Vanilla
North Coast Brewing Schrimshaw Pilsner
North Coast Brewing LE Merle Farmhouse Ale
North Coast Brewing OLD Rasputin Russian IMP Stout- Bourbon barrel aged (Limited)
Northwest Brewing Bad Panda ginger pale ale
Northwest Brewing Mango Weizen wheat
Northwest Brewing Hoppy Bitch IPA
Oakshire Amber Amber
Oakshire Espresso Stout
Oakshire Bourbon Barrel Aged Hellshire Stout
Oakshire Perfect Storm Double IPA
Oakshire Watershed IPA
Oakshire Ill tempered Gnome Winter ale
Oakshire Big Black Pumpkin stout
Occidental Brewing Lucubrator dopplebock
Occidental Brewing Heffewiezen Heff
Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale
Oskar Blues Mamas lil yellow Pilsner
Oskar Blues OLD Chub nitro Nitro scotch ale
Oskar Blues OLD Chubscotch ale
Palm Special Belgium Pale ale
Paulaner Salvator dopple bock
Paulaner Heff weis bier
Payette Russler IPA Formerly Outlaw IPA
Payette North Fork lager
Payette Fyl line Vienna Lager
Payette Slaughterhouse Red
Payette Mutton buster Brown ale
Payette- Hoop and Stave #1 Red wine barrel aged
Payette- Hoop and Stave #2 Brandy Barrel Aged
Pelican Brewing Kiwanda Cream Ale
Pelican Brewing Tsunami Stout
Pelican Imperial IPA
Pelican Dirty Bird IPA
Pizza Port
Pfriem IPA
Pfriem WIT
Pfriem Pilsner
Pfriem Tripple
Pfriem Blonde IPA
Pfriem Double IPA
Pike Stout Pike Kilt Lifter scotch ale
Pyramid Heffenweisen
Pyramid Apricot Ale
Pyramid Shonz IPL
Pyramid Reigning 3 White pale ale
Pyramid Curveball Seasonal Lager
Rodenbach Grand Cru Sour
Rogue Dead Guy Miabock
Rogue Nut Brown Brown
Rogue Double Cho stout
Rogue Siraicha stout
Rogue PDX Carpet IPA
Rogue Brutal IPA
Rogue 7 hop IPA
Rogue XS Russian Imperial Stout
Russian River Consecreation Sour (limited availability- not currently in stock)
Russian River Pliney the Elder Double IPA (limited availability- not currently in stock)
Russian River Blind Pig IPA (limited availability- not currently in stock)
Russian River Supplication Sour (limited availability- not currently in stock)
Samual Smith Organic Oatmeal Stout
Santiam Brewing Bourbon Barrel Abby Porter
Santiam Brewing 1859 Miabock lager
Santiam Brewing Spitfire Amber
Santiam Brewing Ecotopia IPA
Santiam Cherry City Saison
Schneider avent wheat dopplebock
Schneider Hopfenweisse weis bier
Seadog wild blueberry ale
Seven Brides Lil Pils Pilsner
Seven Brides Monki Love Chocolate Stout
Seven Brides Drama Princess pale ale
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot barleywine
Sierra Nevada Narwal Barrel aged IMP Stout
Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA
Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America variety 12 pack
Silver Moon Hop Nobb IPA
Silver Moon DarksideStout
Small Town Brewing Not your Fathers root beer
Small Town Brewing Not your Fathers gingerale
Souther Tier Crem Brulee Porter
Southern Oregon Brewing Nice Rack IPA
Southern Oregon Brewing PinupPorter
Southern Tier 2x milkstout double milkstout
Southern Tier 2x IPA double IPA
Southern Tier mokah stout
Southern Tier chokalt oranj stout
Sothern Tier Salted Carmel Stout
Steigel Grapfruit Radler shandy
Steigel Pilsner Steigel ordignal
Goldbrau golden ale
Stickman Bananas on fire double dunkelweisen ale
Stickmen Buona Mattina porter
Stickmen F-Bomb IPA
Stickmen Kissed by Melons Sour Ale
Stone Cali IPA
Stone Self- Righteous Black IPA
Stone Double Bastard Strong ale
Stone Enjoy by Seasonal series
Stone 1Oth Anniversary Triple IPA Ruination
Stone Chai- spiced Russian Imperial Stout
Stone Stochasticity series Grainiac
Stone Stochasticity series your father smelt of elderberries
Stone 2015 Anniversary Ale- Chocolate Stout
Sunriver Brewing Summer  Ale
Sunriver Brewing Vicious Mosquito IPA
Sunriver Brewing Fuzzy Heff
Terminal Gravity IPA
Terminal Gravity Extra Special Golden
Terminal Gravity Porter
Three Creeks HooDoo VooDoo IPA
Three Creeks 5 Pine Choc. Porter
Three Creeks Knotty Blonde Blonde
Traveler illusive lemon shandy
Traveler curious grapefruit shandy
Traveler Jack O pumpkin shandy
Trinity 7day sour sour
Two Beers EVO IPA
Unita Brewing HazelAmber Wheat (retired)
Unita Brewing Hop Nosh IPA
Unita Brewing Bristlecone Brown
Unita Brewing Baba Black Lager
Uinta Brewing Tangerine Hop Nosh IPA
Uinta Brewing Cucumber Farmhouse
Upright Brewing Four Belgian Ale
Upright Brewing seven Saison
Vagabond Into the Wild IPA
Victory Brewing Storm King IMP Stout
Victory Brewing Prima Pils Pilsner
Victory Brewing Dirt WolfDoub IPA
Walkabout BrewingJabberwocky Ale
Walking Man Homo Erectus IMP IPA
Warsteiner Dunkel Lager
Wells Banana Bread ale
Widmear Shandy lemon shandy
Worthy IPA IPA
Worthy Kolsch
Worthy Litghts Out Stout
Worthy Dark Muse Imperial Stout
Youngs Dbl Choc. nitro