Join the pod......

We are always excited to have new carts join the pod. Here is some information about how the food cart pod operates, how to get started at the pod and who to contact if you want to bring your food cart in.

The pod is a rotating pod. This means that you can sign up for a single day at the pod, or multiple days at the pod. The choice is up to you. We do the schedule monthly. If you are new and just starting out we recommend that you sign up for a whole month so that we can help you build a solid customer basis. If you are already on the go, we encourage you to pick a day of the week that you may consistently be at the pod for example every Tuesday and Wednesday. This way people who frequent the food pod regularly will become your loyal customers and know when to expect you. Keep in mind that the pod is Small and can only accommodate 4-5 trucks at one time depending on the size of each truck. Space is limited and the schedule is made on a first come first serve basis.

The pod can hold a total of 4-5 carts at a time. Typically we like the pod to be full in the summer June-September and go down to 2-3 carts in the winter. We try to fill the pod with a variety of food to ensure everyone's business thrives. We have an unwritten no competition rule at the pod. This means if you make Asian food we would not book you at the pod the same day another Asian food cart is at the pod. We also suggest that you take this rule to heart and keep your menu unique to you.

The pod is equip with full utilities: water, trash, power and grey water dumping. The rate is $15 per day for these utilities or a discounted $300 per month. You will be billed for each day your truck resides at the pod regardless of the operating schedule. You will also receive free monthly marketing such as brochures, newspaper adds, radio spots and listings on our web site You are required to offer text messaging orders for the indoor seating and Barrel & Keg customers by providing us with at least 20 laminated 1/2 sheet menus. If you choose to offer daily specials or happy hour options, you are responsible for notifying Barrel & Keg staff.

Hours of operation for the pod are Tues -Sat 11:30am - 8pm and 10pm Fri & Sat. We extend our hours to 9pm during the summer months Tues-Thurs but still close the pod at 10pm on weekends. The pod is CLOSED Sunday- Monday. (The daily utility rate still applies on days the pod is Closed)

If you would like to join the pod, contact Shannon Klopfenstein. or on her cell (805) 249-0144 and she will send you the packet to get started and include you on the monthly email marketing and scheduling.

Required paperwork- there is a license agreement, insurance form and general rules and regulations to sign. As well you must provide all of your valid state, city and county licenses and heath permits. If you have any questions on how to obtain these licensees and permits for the state, county and city visit the Oregon Food Truck Association website for resources.

Thank you for considering Barrel & Keg and Salem's first food cart pod as your homebase! We can't wait to eat your food!