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Need a keg for your upcoming event? Have a home kegerator you need to keep stocked? Barrel & Keg has you covered! Barrel & Keg works with a vast number of local craft beer suppliers so we can virtually get you anything you want at next to wholesale prices. (Seasonal availability and lead times vary) Barrel & Keg also offers excellent affordable bar service for events. Click here for details.

How many beers are in a keg?

Barrel & Keg sells two sizes of kegs. Small: 1/6 barrel otherwise known as a pony keg = about 40 pints.  Large:  ½ barrel keg = about 125 pints. (1/2 is the largest size keg available on the market, there is no such thing as a 1 barrel)
occasionally producers also offer a 1/4 barrel= 7.5 gallons. Barrel & Keg does not determine the keg size. Each brewery produces and kegs the beer in these standard sizes. some only offer 1/2 barrel such as Rogue and others may only offer 1/4 or 1/6.





Keg Choices and Pricing

Barrel & Keg specializes in bringing you local craft beer but also has access to traditional domestic beer as well. Click here for examples of products we typically have access to. Prices vary per product. Domestic kegs such as PBR or Coors typically run $125-$150, specialty craft beer can range from $165-$240 depending on scarcity and limited availability. Barrel & Keg does keeps a limited number of kegs on hand but they sell out very quick and are first come first serve. Advance notice is the best way to go to ensure you a beer you want. All kegs have an additional refundable keg deposit of $30 per keg. Upon returning the keg to Barrel & Keg the deposit will automatically be credited back to your credit card. Deposits refunds are only valid for 60 days from the date of purchase. Barrel & Keg does not give out cash returns.

Need to rent a tap for your keg? Barrel & Keg charges a $15 rental fee per tap in addition to a refundable $50 deposit on the tap. Taps are due back by the following thursday after your pick up date. Late fees apply. Barrel & Keg does not currently rent out Jockey boxes.

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How do I get a quote, check availability and place my order?

To get a free quote or place an order for any keg please email barrelandkeg@gmail.com attention Shannon or call Kelso at 503-584-1177. We ask that you place your keg order at least one week (7days) prior to your event to guarantee delivery. A credit card is required to place your order.  You are also required to fill out a keg registration form as required by the state of Oregon and the OLCC. You must be of legal drinking age, provide us with your valid ID or Passport and agree to terms such as “I will not knowingly serve alcohol to anyone who is not of legal drinking age. I will not resale this keg or its contents. And I agree to take full responsibility to the whereabouts of the keg once it leaves the premises of Barrel & Keg.” The keg is then tagged, numbered and legally registered to you, the purchaser.

Cancellation policy-

You may cancel our keg order 7 days prior to your event free of charge. Voicemail cancellation are not accepted. Your cancellation must be submitted via email or by speaking with Shannon or Kelso directly. You will be sent a confirmation cancellation email. If you must cancel within 7 days of your event, 50% of the keg price will be charged to your card. Barrel & Keg reserves the right to sell any canceled keg.