*List subject to availability- If you don't see what you are looking for Barrel & Keg is happy to order in any requests

Brew Dr. Superberry
Kookoolan Farms
Ordignal Humm Strawberry Lemonade
Humm Coconut Lime
Humm Blueberry Mint
Humm Pomagranite
Humm Apple Sass

Non Alcoholic
Boylans Ginger Ale
Boylans Diet Cola Diet
Crater Lake Sodas Root Beer
Crater Lake Sodas Orange
Crater Lake Sodas Vanilla Cream
Crater Lake Sodas Lemon Lime
Hot Lips Pear
Hot Lips Black Raspberry
Hot Lips Marion berry
Hot Lips Ginger Ale
Hot Lips Lemon
Hot Lips Red Raspberry
Mt Angel Brewing Root Beer
Mt Angel Brewing Hazelnut
Mt Angel Brewing Orange Cream
Mt Angel Brewing Marion Berry
Reeds Ginger Brew
Rogue Root Beer
Rogue Honey Orange
Rogue Cucumber lime
Runa Iced Tea Hibiscus
Runa Iced Tea Peach
Steel Root Beer
Stewerts diet root beer
Stewerts diet orange
Stewerts key lime
Sweet Leaf Iced Tea Ordignal
Thomas Kemper Root Beer
Thomas Kemper Vanilla Cream
Thomas Kemper Black Cherry
Vignettes Rose
Vignettes Pinot Noir
Vignettes Chard
Q Soda Lemon
Q soda Club
Q Soda Grapefruit