Large Groups and Party's

Birthdays, anniversary's, retirements, baby showers, bridal showers, team building, The Bachelor viewing party....whatever your excuse is to party, Barrel & Keg is the place.

Barrel & Keg does NOT require reservations for parties of 12 or less however a quick phone call to the bar when you are on your way 503-584-7711 is greatly appreciated. Exception- any groups on Sundays and Mondays must have reservations as Barrel & Keg is typically closed.

Reservations for groups of 15-50 guests (max) can be set up by emailing attention Shannon or calling 805-2499-0144.

Pricing-Pricing is dependent on the size of your group and day/time of week. Barrel & Keg does not charge room fees. Instead we set minimum beverage purchase for each group/day/time of the week. The beverage minimun can be all hosted by you or no host (your guest pay their own way). Food is not included in this fee. Barrel & Keg features Salem's first food cart pod for your groups dinning options as well as artisan cheese trays. Cakes and other sweet treats may be brought in. Exception- Sundays and Mondays- outside food may be brought as Salem's first food cart pod is closed on these days. NO outside beverages.

SUNDAY- 30people or less $350/30+ people $500 min beverage
MONDAY-30people or less $350/30+ people $500 min beverage
TUESDAY- 15-30people $200/30+ people $500 min beverage
WEDNESDAY-15-30people $200/30+ people $500 min beverage
THURSDAY-15-30people $350/30+ people $800 min beverage
FRIDAY- 15-30 people $800/30+ people $1500
SATURDAY-15-30 people $800/30+ people $1500